The Weekend 11.19.2008

As much as we love OU football, I love being at home too.  The last 2 weekends OU has not played at home, which meant staying in Tyler.  We were able to get a lot done around the house (although there’s still more), relax, and go to the zoo!  Wade and I were even able to sneak away for a date night, which we have not had since moving to Tyler!  
This weekend Wade is heading to Norman for the last home game (and it’s a big one) while Sterling and I stay in McKinney for my best friend, Jenny’s baby shower.  Her baby boy, Will, should be here the first part of December. We can’t wait for our boys to hangout.
Speaking of Hudson...many of you keep asking me for a belly pic, so here it is at 25 weeks before date night!  He’s an active little guy, but does allow me to sleep, which I’m hoping will continue after his arrival.
Sterling knows he has a brother on his way.  When I asking him where the baby is he lifts up my shirt and points to my belly, and when you ask him what his brother’s name is he says, “Hudson!”  I’m amazed that he has enough the slightest concept of there being “something” in my belly.  I know that will all change come March, but it’s pretty cute for now!
That’s really all for now, be cheering the Sooners on with us this weekend!!!

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