Cali Adventures

We had many adventures while in California, but one of our favorite surprises was vising our friend, David at his art studio in Venice!  David let the boys use all of his special paints and paint brushes to create their own masterpieces!

 On our way to the airport we stopped by the La Brea Tar Pits!  It was a rather HOT day for California, but the tar pits were worth checking out!

 We learned so many things, like there are no dinosaurs at the tar pits, they lived WAY before the tar pits existed!  Sterling was a little disappointed because we had been telling him all week it was where dinosaurs were buried!  OOPS!

 the tar actually bubbles, but it's not hot!

 This is an actual excavation site in tar! 

Next time, we'll have to go inside the museum to learn even more!


Legoland California

Our last day in California we surprised the boys with a trip to Legoland California in San Diego.  We threw in the car in their pajamas and started driving early Thursday morning.  We actually did such a great job convincing them we were going to rake leaves Sterling didn't realize we were getting to play at Legoland until we were inside for at least 10 minutes!  John and I had at least 20 minutes of video each waiting for that "ah ha" moment, but it never happened, sadly!  Once everyone was on the same page though, off we went to another fun filled day of memories!

 In line for our first ride!  Unfortunately, Hudson was too short, so just Mommy and Sterling rode this one.  I got in an arm workout, that's for sure!

 On our way to catch up with Daddy and Hudson at the airplanes, we saw this awesome car made of....LEGOS!
After Disneyland, this boy loves anything that goes high in the sky!  

 Sterling made his way over to the Lego race car track....He had to say he was 6 years old to be able to drive alone, he's close enough and all the practice he got at Disneyland we felt comfortable with it.  Not to mention, these cars don't go too fast!  It was really cute though, because he had a REALLY hard time not being completely truthful!  Doesn't he look cool in his glasses?!  Right after this he left them in a store :(
 Fire truck races were next!  Now, let me just tell you, there aren't many leisurely rides at Legoland.  Hudson and I rode this by ourselves while Sterling was at the Volvo race track and the poor worker had to help me.  2 people have to pump the truck, while pushing a joystick in the direction you want to go, then hop out and push 2 buttons on the hydrant to get the water to spray until you put out your fire, then back in the fire truck to pump back.  As you can imagine, Hudson wasn't a huge help all by himself and I think Wade and John were even surprised at how "complicated" it all was.

 As you can imagine though, they did win 1st in their race!

 Lego boats, Wade says theirs was broken because it wouldn't go very fast!
I must say, you pay to go to Legoland to see the incredible things they build.  While it was a fun day, it doesn't even compare to Disney.  There wasn't nearly as much for Hudson to ride, the lines did not move as quickly and there wasn't much shade at all!  But, again.....what these people create is AMAZING!

That carousel really works!  As did the bull at the rodeo, which we all know is Huddy's favorite.  He actually cried when he had to give another kid a turn....

 The Hollywood Bowl
 A little RV park of campers - my kids told us all week they wanted to get a trailer we could live in and stay in California

New York City

 One of the Lego Heros from Hero Factory

We cooled off for a bit inside the Hero Factory.  They had every body part/shield for any type of Hero you every wanted to create!

I was amazed by this wall of Legos created completely with individual pieces, millions of them

 Hudson fell asleep while Wade and Sterling waited in line to ride this thing!  

We ended the day walking through the Star Wars Episode Gallery!

 They're all there....Chewbaca, C3PO, R2D2.....

This is a picture of the room where they actually build all of these "things" - The room is filled floor to ceiling with rows and rows of wonderfully organized Legos!
I am so glad we went, although, I must say, we were a little disappointed, especially based on the price.  However, if you or your child is a Lego lover, it was great and everyone had fun!  We were all still on a Disney high, so maybe our expectations were a little unrealistic.