Science Experiments

I've blogged about this before, but these boys LOVE some science experiments!  It had been awhile since we'd done any and after a trip to the Science Museum (which was FABULOUS), we needed to get our fix! There were a few in the kit that we hadn't done yet and needed no extra ingredients for.  It was MESSY, but fun!

Sterling asks every day to do more science experiments!  It would be much easier to say YES, if they weren't so messy!


A visit with Will

A few weeks ago...or 5 or 6 we stopped by Will's house on the way to Tyler for the night.  It was just the boys and I and Justin was out of town.  It was a low key evening with pizza, splash park, ice cream and toys! 

Apparently all of the pictures from the splash park were on my other phone, but take my word for it....they had a great time!


Sterling the fish

I am so impressed with the progress Sterling has made this year swimming completely on his own!  I'm sure the hours we've logged in the pool has helped tremendously, but he is doing so great.  I missed the take off of his jump, but got the swim!


iPhone....makes it easy

I know I've been a horrible blogger lately, but to be honest it's just too hot to take pictures.  The heat is making me lazy and the only pictures I've been taking are from my iPhone, when I even snap a picture.  It's also difficult to snap pictures when all we can do is swim to stay cool!  Here's our summer from my iPhone!

 This was their first time to get their hair washed after getting it cut!  They thought it was pretty Awesome!
 We've also been eating lots of ice cream, even had ice cream for dinner recently...did I mention how hot it is here?!  And, Sterling has got to fish with Papa quite a bit now that he's retired!
Exhausted after a full day of swimming!  He even used his goggles as sunglasses!

With football season only a month away we have to get in shape.  Regardless it's inside and Sterling and Hudson are in their underwear (it's HOT!!!) this will just have to do for now!