California through the iPhone

While I love my big camera, sometimes it's just easier to snap a few pictures with your phone.  This happened a lot while we were in California, especially at the beach and were some of my favorite pictures!
 Hudson wasn't too fond of the engine noise on the plane at first, but it lulled him to sleep for an hour, which was nice!
We were a little chilly when we first got there
 Settled into our rental car

Boogey boarding on the beach!

 Our first day at the beach!  Sterling was born to be a beach baby and I would not be surprised if he moved to California as soon as he could!  He loves everything about it!

 The boys LOVE Mary and John and their dog Deanie, they were all on one side of the couch and Wade and I were on the other, all along!

 Sterling is not afraid of heights!  He had no problem jumping off the high dive at least 20 times!  And, check out that view!

 Wade and Sterling in Star Tours and Hudson driving the Autotopia cars, all by himself!

 Sterling didn't LOVE Space Mountain, as you can tell by the picture, but I don't think he HATED it either!  Hudson made it almost the whole day!
 We went and met 2 of Wade's friends from high school in Santa Monica one evening and Mark let Sterling play a new game on his iPhone.  Mark works for a video games company and he's working on Skylander Cloud Patrol, Sterling's new favorite phone game!  They also make Xbox 360 games!  Check it out!
How sweet are they?!  They were sleeping so soundly and sweetly, that we scooped them up and put them in the car before they even knew we were going any where!
 Hudson fell asleep in line, so John came to our rescue!

 On our way to the airport we stopped by the Taco Trucks and got some lunch!  Fiji water was passing out free water and these awesome sunglasses!  His Hudson playing the part of California dude, or what?!

 Unfortunately, our flight to DFW was cancelled, but we waited on the airplane for an hour to get the official word.  The boys were troopers and we ended up having to spend an extra night in CA!
2 days later we arrived home and Hudson was REALLY happy!  It still took us another to get our car seats and 1 bag, so we were exhausted, but home!