Catchy Songs

My mom always used to sing this song to us when we got out of the bathtub...

"I see your hiney, so white and shiney, you better hide it, before I bite it!"

If you've never heard it, you're probably thinking...WHAT?!  It's catchy, so naturally I sing it to Sterling and Hudson when they get out of the bath.  Sterling runs from me and Hudson says, "No, Mommy!"  

Well...the other day when I picked the boys up from school his teacher said to me. "Thank you for the our new class song."  I was a little confused, so she proceeded to tell me that Sterling sang it on the playground and taught it to all of his friends.  11 4 year olds were running around the playground singing, "I see your hiney" to each other.  While I was slightly embarrassed, it made me a laugh a little bit too.  After all, you can't blame he and his friends....it's catchy!

"Specials" bucket

We've always called little things the boys get "specials" so I decided they could make a specials buckets to keep all of their Easter candy in.  That way it's "out of sight, our of mind" in the pantry, but easily accessible when a special is needed!

I purchased some stickers and tupperware bowls with lids and let the boys have at it! 
 Sterling's was Star Wars and Toy Story
Hudson's was Toy Story and Thomas
 So proud of their "specials" buckets and I'm one happy Mama to finally have found something to do with all those specials!


Belly Washers and Tummy Ticklers!

 I found these fun juice drinks at Walmart the other day and just knew the boys would love them.  The Belly Washers are a little bigger than the Tummy Ticklers and they have all different toppers for kids of all ages and boys and girls.

Sterling got Iron Man

Hudson Thomas the Train (it's actually not Thomas, but one of the trains)

When they're done you can save the toppers and just buy a package of juice bottles and your topper later.  Perfect for summer time when we're on the go and they need a drink with no straw! 


Chore Charts

Sterling always wants something when we're at the store and since his birthday and Christmas are back to back he has to wait a long time before he "gets' anything else just because.  After reading another blog, I decided to do a chore chart for Sterling to earn money, so he can save up for his own "things" he really wants.  He can earn up to $4 a week, he has to save $2 and he can spend the rest.  The first week he had to give $1 back because he tee-teed in his pants, he reluctantly handed it back over and I don't think he'll be so lazy next time, which is the point!
 Sterling gets a sticker for each chore he does: get all of this things out of the car, put all his toys away, put his underwear on and take his pull-up off in the morning and feed the dog and cat.  He can also earn another extra sticker if he does something without being asked!
Hudson can earn $2 and has to get his stuff out of the car and put his toys away.  He can also earn an extra one!
At the end of the week we add up all of their star stickers and see how many $$$$ they each get.  
 Finished chore charts for the first week!  This has definitely helped and both boys have been doing a great job.  It's amazing what they'll do for a sticker....and something they really want!

Egg Dying Fun!

Egg dying was VERY stressful for me, but luckily my aunt likes lots of chaos and has about 15 - 20 teenagers over to her house every year for an annual egg dying.   She was nice enough to get all of her goodies out again on Saturday night and let the "little" kids have some fun. 
 The egg spinner that tie-dyed eggs was their favorite (and probably mine too!)

 Egg Dying FUN!

Green eggs were in abundance and they worked perfectly for cars and dinosaurs
and monsters too!

(Those hands did come clean after some serious scrubbing)

Thank you Aunt Stephie for having us over to dye eggs!  It was super fun!!!


Easter EGGstravaganza from the Easter Bunny

The Easter Bunny did NOT disappoint this year.  He delivered LOTS of eggs to my grandparents house and the boys wasted no time "hunting"

This is the best picture I could get of the boys together.  They were WAY more interested in their eggs, than me.
 Searching HIGH

Sterling found the Golden Egg!

 Hudson did great too and even had Nanny to help him out a little

We now have enough candy to last us until Halloween!  Thank you Easter Bunny!



While both S & H are both allergic to peanuts, they both have seasonal allergies too(they can thank their dad later!)  And, just like everyone else in the South, theirs have been particularly bad lately.  Sneezing, coughing, scratchy voice in the morning, watering eyes....ANNOYING!  This, is our best friend.
I should probably invest in some stock!

This weekend Sterling and I had this conversation after he had a sneezing attack.
S: "When will my allergies go away?"
M: "ummmm....probably never, you'll always have them."
S: "Maybe when I get tall?"
M: "Daddy's tall and he has allergies."
S: "Ugh...I don't like allergies, allergies are RUDE!"  
M: "Yes, they are!"

So, there you go.  According to a 4 year old, allergies are RUDE, and I must admit, I agree!!!!


Easter EGGstravaganza at school!

The boys had their annual Easter Egg Hunts and parties at school today.  Hudson was so excited and did great at collecting a TON of eggs!

 This is what I got when I said say, "Cheese!"

Then, it was Sterling's turn.  He and his friends were so fast, I could barely get a picture or follow them.  

 He was so sweet to give Dezi this egg.  I think he gave it to her because it was purple, but still sweet :)

 Sorry they're blurry, he was seriously moving FAST!  I should have set my camera on the sports setting!
Now, to open them all and see what candy we get :)


Beautiful to me!

My mom baked me a cake for a little belated birthday celebration last weekend and she let the boys decorate it with some food coloring markers!  Doesn't it look beautiful?!
 Apparently Hudson liked poking it more than coloring on it, but I think they did a great job!
 Sterling even told the people sitting next to us at dinner that it was my birthday and I was 30!  
I love these 2 munchkins!