Visitors 5.29.2009

Last weekend Jenny, Justin & Baby Will came to visit from McKinney.  The Daddy’s played golf & the Mommies got away for a pedicure & a quick trip to Target.  We had a blast just hanging out with the kiddos.  Unfortunately, we weren’t able to get a picture of all 3 boys together, but 2 out of 3 isn’t bad!  They’re going to grow up to be best buddies, just like their parents!
We also had a deer visit us twice while they were here.  We have never seen her before, so it was odd that she came in our backyard both days that the Abrahams were here, but it was “So cool,” as Sterling would say.
 We also have many beautiful flowers that have bloomed:

 I love hydrangeas!!!!  These are my favorite!

The gardenias, my favorite smell for summer!
The lillies, they don't stay for long, but they're pretty!

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