Fall Fun 10.27.2008

This past weekend our new neighborhood had its annual Fall Festival and Sterling had a blast.  The majority of the homes in Country Place are on at least 2 acres so Trick or Treating would be difficult to say the least.  There was pumpkin decorating, a picnic & best of all a trick or treating hayride, which is definitely the way to go!!!!  He loved trick or treating and the sugar kicked in immediately.  At every new house he would scream, “CANDY.”  He was always polite though and would say, “Trick or Treat,” “Thank you,” and then “Bye!”  Of course, I laughed every time too.  We met many of our new neighbors and Sterling made a new friend that lives down the street.  We are really loving our neighborhood.
We also had our first animal sightings.   On Sat. evening our neighbors had a fire going and while we were outside there was a bat flying around our heads.  The kids thought it was awesome.  Today, as I was driving down our street we spotted 4 deer eating in someone’s front yard.  Everyone has told us about the deer, but we hadn’t actually spotted them yet.  I tried to get a picture with my phone, but it wouldn’t zoom so it just looks like a bunch of trees.
Sterling was/is a fireman for Halloween.  It took me all week to get his costume on him and now we can’t get it off!!!!  He was a big hit on the hayride and nobody looked like him.  Thank you Bubby & Stephanie for his costume!!!  He loves it!  He has his first Halloween party & parade at school on Fri. so I can’t wait to see how he does there.
This one just makes me laugh because it’s like they’re posing.  I just happened to snap the shot at the perfect time!

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