Power Up!

I recently found these Popsicles at the store and knew they'd be a hit with Sterling!  When he saw them his eyes got really big and he asked me if they'd make him, "Power Up!"  Apparently, he thought they would turn him into a super hero...

Sterling chose Iron Man

 Hudson chose Spiderman

 Showing me his muscles!  
Hudson just showed me his cheesy smile and his mosquito bite on his face!

Apparently, Superhero Popsicles can also make you super silly!

 Hudson thought his would help him ride Bubba's bike

 Needless to say, Sterling was a little disappointed when he was finished and he didn't turn into Super Ster, but I'm sure it won't keep him from eating more Superhero Popsicles!



Grandee and Papa bought this cute wooden picnic table for the boys.  They LOVE it!  Sterling wants to eat dinner at it every night.  While we were in Granbury the boys enjoyed breakfast at it by the lake!

Monkey See, Monkey Do
Thank you, Grandee and Papa!


Grandee & Papa's

For Labor Day we headed to Granbury to Grandee & Papa's!  Aunt Kara was there too and we had lots of fun playing outside, and Sterling, of course, fished....a lot.

Grandee and Papa have the best driveway for bike riding!
Hudson and Sterling raced
Then, he went for a little ride and took a break
golf time!
well...Hudson stole the club and ball...so much for that!


Ice Cream, You Scream

The thing about summer is that is has us all craving and addicted to ice cream.  Luckily, those mini ice cream sandwiches are only 100 calories and do the trick to cure my sweet tooth.  Hudson loves them too and will scream if he sees one until you open it!
Look at those chubby fingers
Sterling switches between push-ups, bomb pops and ice cream sandwiches
You push it up, like this!

We love Ice Cream at the Kovash House!


Weekend 'O Fun!

After Pancake Breakfast (see previous post!) we headed over to Brody's 5th birthday party!  The kids had a blast and since we haven't been able to go to the last 4 we loved getting to go to #5.  It was at a gym in Moore and there was plenty of room for the kids to run around and tire themselves out!
Hudson and Brody's little sister, Meg, watching the big kids on the rope!

Hudson finally got brave enough to go into the bounce...Wade had to bring him a new shirt since he poured orange juice on his head at breakfast!
Happy Birthday, Brody!  Look at that yummy cake!
Sterling LOVED the party hats!
and the foam pit and balance beam
even Wade had a little fun on the pommel horse

After the party we headed over to the Beta House for lunch and to show Sterling where Daddy lived in college.  We didn't have a tailgate this weekend because of all the fun things happening.  Instead, we went and enjoyed walking around Campus Corner before the game.  Hudson and I headed back to Rob & Carolina's to watch the game and Sterling went to the game with Wade.  Thanks Carolina for being the photographer!
As if our seats weren't high enough, Sterling liked sitting on Rob's shoulders!  The jet flying overhead was a little loud, I guess!
Boomer Sooner!

It was pretty hot and the parents had a wedding to go to that evening so everyone came home after halftime.  Rob & Wade went to get some Pizza in this cool Jeep from Carolina's parent's ranch.  Sterling and Hudson thought it was pretty cool too!

As if that wasn't enough for one day, that evening one of Wade's pledge brothers got married in Oklahoma City.  It was a beautiful wedding and so fun to hang out with all the adults and not be in "mommy and daddy" mode!
The Betas and the Bride!
These are 2 of the great mommy's I spend lots of time with while in OK and our kiddos have fun together too!
Since the girls are usually the ones taking the pictures we got one of the boys to snap this one of us!

It was a busy weekend, but oh so fun!


On Saturday we headed to the Tri Delt house where they having their annual Pancake Breakfast to raise money for their philanthropy, St. Jude's. 
Sterling enjoyed the pancakes, he ate 2 whole pancakes!

Being at the house brought back lots of memories of my days there and it was fun to show Sterling around and tell him that's where I used to live!  I even saw one of my Tri Delta sisters, Nicole!  Her sister, Marissa, pledged Tri Delt this year along with my cousin, Bailey!
4 Deltas!
Bailey's family came up for the weekend too, so we all got to support St. Jude's together! 

On a side note, Hudson dumped an entire cup of orange juice on his head, which is why he's not wearing a shirt!