Hudson is here 3.9.2009

Hudson finally joined us on March 4, 2009.  Lucky for me this delivery was even “easier” than Sterling’s (if there is such a thing!).  I was already have contractions when we arrived at the hospital, but they weren’t getting any stronger.  They started my pitocin at 8:00 am and then it was just a waiting game for my doctor to come break my water.  I got my epidural around 10:30 am and tried to get some rest.  At 12:15 my doctor finally made it to the hospital.  I was ready at this point and after the doctor broke my water, Hudson was born 9 minutes later.  I only had to push 4 or 5 times, it was fantastic.  The umbilical cord was wrapped around his neck 3 times, so that was a little scary, but he is perfectly healthy in every way.  
Sterling has been a great big brother and has little more to do with Hudson each day.  He did hold him in the hospital for about 1 minute and then said, “Done!”  Sterling seems so BIG and grown up to me now compared to Hudson.  I can’t wait until they can “play!”
 This picture just makes me laugh
sleepy boy

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