Zoo Day

We love going to the zoo, but haven't been such Hudson was a baby so Sterling had to show him around.  Today was a cloudy morning with a chance of rain this afternoon so I decided what better day to head to the zoo than an 80 degree morning.  I'm so glad we went and the boys had a great time.
Sterling called these giant guinea pigs!
Hudson showing me the bird he saw
We got to see the zoo keeper tickle the rhino's tongue
 Feeding the birds has always been a favorite of ours and today was no exception!  Luckily, the zoo wasn't too crowded and the birds were hungry.
Hudson was so cute, he just sat down and the birds came right to him!
What a fun day at the zoo with my 2 monkeys!



Sterling has always loved feeding Tyson, but this summer it's become his "chore."  In fact, if he doesn't get to feed him he gets really mad and will usually go feed him anyways.  So, this has become Sterling's "chore"

Sterling is also very good about closing the door when he's feeding Tyson to keep Hudson out of the dog food.  Hudson likes to sneak little bites and screams when you take it out of his mouth.  We can't figure out what is so yummy about dog food! 
I can't wait to find more "FUN" chores for the boys to do!


"B" Week

Week 3 of summer is over and 3 letters down!  "B" week was laid back, but still fun!  It was cut a little short and didn't actually start until Tuesday.  We were BIG BUMS and stayed in our pajamas all day!  I will say I thought it was pretty wonderful!
Sterling helped me out with the start of they boys' BATHROOM redo (more to come on that when it's finished)
Mommy's 2 helpers BAKING BROWNIES

Eating BANANAS and BLUEBERRY muffins

You can't forget the BUBBLES for "B" week
BUZZ Lightyear even came to visit.  Sterling doesn't usually get attached to toys, but he loves this BUZZ.  He even asked me to make a plate for BUZZ for dinner!

and BROTHERS!  The BEST "B" word of all!


Hydrangea LOVE!

I have always loved hydrangeas.  We tried growing them in Oklahoma with no luck so I was so excited when we moved to Tyler and I had a front yard full of hydrangeas.  Now, Wade will tell you, I don't do yard work and I hate being outside, unless it's by the pool.  Mainly because every bug known to man seems to swarm me the minute I walk outside.  However, I do step outside occasionally to take a look at these beauties.
They are bright, bright purple and pink
I have 2 bushes that are bright like these and another one that is lighter purple and blue.  I know there are certain things you can put in the soil to make them certain colors, but believe me I have done absolutely NOTHING!  That's the great part.
I am doing some research now to make sure they come back this beautiful every year.  We have 1 bush that's gotten a little too big (see below) and is being weighted down by it's blooms and a few more that aren't blooming at all, so I have a lot of reading to do!
This is my favorite one because it's half pink and half purple!  GORGEOUS
I have yet to cut these in order to enjoy them in my house because the last ones I cut wilted almost immediately.  But, with the help of my aunt and Google I think I'm ready to try again!


Night O' FUN

For some reason we always end up playing in the kitchen.  This is not where the toys are, but there is plenty of room to run around and I guess this is where I usually am so it turns into the play zone!  This evening became a giggle fest of craziness!  I'm not really sure what they were doing, but it looked like a lot of fun!  The craziest part is that all of this began by rolling a ball back and forth.  Hmmm....
No, no, no, no, no


Wedding Weekend

My cousin, Christina, got married June 19th!  It was a beautiful wedding and TONS of fun!  My dad's side of the family is pretty crazy and it's hard to not have a good time when you're with "the Gill's"

The Rehearsal Dinner was Friday evening at The Petroleum Club in Dowtown Houston.  The view was absolutely amazing and the food was excellent!
Christina and John
The Gill cousins - without my cousin, Misty, who couldn't be there
Ronnie, Terry, Don (father of the bride) and Roma - My dad's 3 brothers and 1 of his sisters

Saturday evening after a beautiful ceremony the real party began at the Houstonian in Houston.
This amazing flower arrangement greeted the guests outside the ballroom.  It also smelled wonderful
The ballroom before the ceremony!  GORGEOUS
Their First Dance as Mr. & Mrs. Dyer
Father/Daughter Dance
Christina's sister, Caroline, caught the bouquet!  My uncle almost had a heart attack!
You know it's a party when the serve breakfast tacos as a midnight snack!  
Congratulations, Christina and John


"F" Week

In honor of FATHER'S Day last week was "F" Week.  It wasn't quite as FANTASTIC as "S" week, but we still had FUN!
Our FROSTED FLAKES and FROOT Loops shirts
FINGER Painting, with pudding!  This is Sterling's friend, Dezi, that came to play this day!
Sterling decided to body paint!
FISH for dinner
FISH Sticks and Macaroni for lunch
FRENCH Toast for breakfast
(Don't worry we didn't eat all 3 of these things in the same day!)
FISHIN' with Papa
Relaxing with Daddy on FATHER'S Day!

We also enjoyed a FROSTY from Wendy's, but I forgot my camera that day!  We really ran out of time during "F" week, but still found lots of FABULOUS things to do!