BLAST off!

A birthday means lots of new presents...
 The bubble wrap was a HUGE hit!
 The Spiderman Web Blaster was fun too....and messy!
 The "web" was all over the ceiling too!  Hudson kept pointing to it saying, "Uh oh!"

A few days later Sterling got this rocket ship from The Varners and we have had a BLAST pretending to be astronauts and exploring space!  
Before putting it all together we had to color it. 

 and Sterling was so nice to let Hudson help out!

 The anticipation was too much and we had to put it together before the decorating was complete

 Big enough for both boys

Peek - A- Boo

 The other day Hudson was being VERY quiet, which is very unusal.  This is where I found him...and then he started cheesing it up for me!
 Sterling has even tried taking naps in here!  Whoever invented this was a genius because we all know how much kids like playing in cardboard boxes!  These 2 are no exception!


Where A Kid Can Be A Kid!

We celebrated Sterling's 4th birthday at Chuck E Cheese's!  I had a whole fall festival party planned out in our backyard, but he begged for it to be at Chuck E Cheese's because "he had his party at his house last year!"  I'm not going to lie, I wasn't super excited about it at first, but as the date approached I was thrilled.  It was easy and no clean up!  And, he LOVED it which is all that really matters!


Happy about Bubba's birthday party!

Sterling wanted a Nemo cake, because he said it's his favorite movie!  I LOVE the cupcake cakes!

 Hudson and Will figured how to win at Skeeball!  Just walk up the ramp and throw the balls in!

Sterling's Godparents, Jenny and Justin and their son, Will, came in for the party too!

The ticket blaster was the reason behind the begging for this party and it rose to the challenge!  Our friend, Savannah, was a huge help with Sterling at the party and even helped him collect 450 extra tickets in the ticket blaster!

Sterling with his friends

Look at those tickets!
Daddy and Justin had fun too!
One happy boy!  I hope it was all you hoped it would be!  We LOVE you!


Almost 4!

 Apparently, when you're almost 4 LOTS of things change about you.  Here are some things Sterling can do and likes now that he's "almost 4!"
  • Eat strawberries!  On Sunday he decided he LOVES strawberries.  Wade and I have given him 100 strawberries to eat over the last 4 years and he never would...for some reason on Sunday he decided he liked them and has been eating them up and requesting them in his lunch!
  • Eat blueberries too!  He likes these now!
  • Ride a bicycle, big wheels and scooter!  He got a Big Wheel for Christmas last year, but he can FINALLY reach the peddles and ride it all by himself!
  • Color really great!  He's always been a pretty good at coloring, but this week he discovered his Momma's love of Sharpies (stinky markers) and won't put down paper and markers long enough to eat!
  • Record shows all by himself.  He has figured out how to record shows on the DVR and even gets up on Saturday mornings, lays on the couch and watches TV without waking Wade and I up!
  • Sleep in a BIG boy bed!  He's too big for his toddler bed so he has moved to the guest room bed for now.  He sleeps great in there and doesn't even fall off!  Although, last night we caught him up there coloring about an hour after he went to bed (I told you he was addicted), so who knows how long he's been hiding a stash of paper and markers!
  • Put on his socks and shoes!  While he CAN do this now it takes a little longer, so he doesn't always GET to.  But, it is helpful since he can't just throw on some flip flops!
I'm sure there's more things he can do now that he's ALMOST 4 and he definitely lets us know every day!


Hudson...20 months

Whoa!  I can't believe I can say he's almost 2.  He and Sterling are soooooooooooo different in so many ways, but watching the two of them together is awesome (most days)!

What is Hudson up to?!
  • TALKING up a storm.  We can understand most everything he says, and if we don't he'll show us to make sure we do.  Some of his newest additions are: Cocoa (our cat), cracker (ca-ca), shoe, cheese (chee), thank you (tan-two), please (pees), outside, pumpkin, poo-poo and my favorite BYE-BYE with a VERY drawn out Byeeeeeeeeee
  • Picky eater...we still can't get this boy to his fruit (he won't even eat applesauce) and only a select few veggies.  We keep trying, but he's definitely not buying.
  • Likes to dance and put on a show
  • Loves to throw his OU football that plays Boomer Sooner
  • Is creative! He makes his animals talk to each other and walk around and his cars always roll around and his planes fly through the air.  He can definitely "play" by himself for short periods of time
  • Likes to color, like his Bubba, although he's not quite as good at keeping the colors on paper!
I know there are a billion things I'm forgetting because we definitely have to run around to keep up with this one.  I'm really looking forward to do the day he'll sit and watch 1 show with Sterling so I can at least unload the dishwasher!  He'll sit for about 5 minutes right now, so I guess I'll take what I can get!

And did I mention he's really loud?  I think Sterling says at least once a day, "He's hurting my ears!" 


How Cool?!

My sister, Tayler, has to be the coolest person on the planet!  She just found out she gets to go to London for 6 months as an advisor/RA for a sports management study abroad program through Florida State University! 

This is her, last summer, when she attended for only 6 weeks as a student.  She had the opportunity to travel all over Europe and attend major sporting events like The Tour de France, The British Open and Wimbledon.
 Since she got back she has been talking about applying for this job after she graduated!
I mean who wouldn't want to get paid while attending sporting events all over Europe?! 

To make it that much more exciting she's the only non FSU graduate to ever get this position!  We already knew she was awesome (we try not to hold her going to UT Austin against her), but now the rest of the world will get to find out too!

Congrats Auntie!  
We will miss you while you're gone, but know you're going to have the time of your life!