Hudson turns 3!

We celebrated Hudson's 3rd birthday at the park with a few friends.  We have been experiencing unseasonably warm weather for February/March in Oklahoma, but of course, we had a typical March day with wind this particular Saturday.  Everyone braved the chilly weather and had a great time! This year Hudson really understood what it meant for it to be HIS birthday and loved every minute!

Hudson was excited Channing arrived!  They share a birthday, just 1 year apart and are best buddies!

 The party was a Cars/Mater theme.  Every time you'd ask Hudson what he wanted for his birthday he'd say, "A cake and 2 Maters!"  

 Everyone raced down the slides, holding hands, of course!

and played a little football

I found these hilarious light up glasses at Hobby Lobby as party favors and they did not disappoint in the toddler department.  They all wore them for the last half of the party!

 Audrey was even able to make it!  I babysat Audrey through college until I had Sterling and now she's all grown up, helping me with my kids!  The boys absolutely adore she and her brother, Blake, and we were so glad she was able to join us!

Our friends that were able to make it!  Norman better watch out, because in 15 years these guys will all be in college together!  Thanks, Meg, Cooper, Georgia, Bubba, and Channing for helping us celebrate Hudson's 3rd birthday!


3 years ago...

3 years ago, Hudson Holt Kovash joined our family!  What a sweet, energetic boy God gave us!  We love you HHK!

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