Tickle Monsters

The boys love for Wade to tickle them, especially at night, right before bed so they get all revved up!

...and then they turn on him
but never leave Tyson out!


...and She's off!

I posted a while back that my sister was going to be working in London for 6 months...How Cool?!

Today she is officially off to be an English citizen until August!
She is so excited!  While she will be working a full time job there she will also have opportunities to explore Europe (again) and she will be there for the Royal Wedding!  I admire her for jumping out there and trying something new.  We definitely didn't grow up with parents who were "risk takers" and going off to live in another country for 6 months after graduating from college was something I would have never even attempted.  She's the first person to not graduate from Florida State to get this job and it's been a long process getting to this point.  We're going to miss you Auntie Tay Tay, but know you will be having a blast 4,759 miles away!

You can follow her blog, Dancing Through Life, while she's away


The Many Faces of Sterling

Sterling LOVES making silly faces especially when I get the camera out.  He can be very animated so I decided to capture it!
Mean face
Sad face - so pitiful
Silly face
HAPPY face!


Our 2nd Snow Day!

This is a little out of order because I just realized I never posted our second snow day pictures!  It was more of the same, but we did break out the jeep this time.

Tyson loved running around in it too, he was going crazy!

I made all the boys pose for pictures...
 I love Sterling's eyes in this picture
 Yep, even got him to pose!

I can't say that I'm sad to see the snow go.  We have definitely been enjoying warmer days! 


Spring in February!

After all of those below freezing temperatures and 2 snow days we have welcomed Spring in February!  Over the weekend we took the boys fishing and had a picnic. 

They drove their Jeep down to the lake and Wade and I followed with all of our stuff in the wagon.
 Hudson stole Wade's hat and wore the entire time...backwards!
 He loves fishing!  This is the first time he's used his new pole he got for Christmas
 Hudson liked playing with the worms best
Rolling down the hill was fun too
 Tyson enjoyed the trip too!
Yay for Spring, we're so glad you're here!


Handy Men

The sink in our bathroom has been draining slowly so Wade grabbed his fix it buddy and they got busy!

 Looking for "links" (leaks)
 Using the head lamp to see what's happening
He felt the need to fix his hair in the middle of helping

They were very good handy men and our sink is back in working order.  YAY!


Happy Valentine's Day!

Sterling and Hudson


No brown sugar?!

While Daddy was gone we decided to bake some cookies!  I didn't realize we had no brown sugar until AFTER I had already gotten everything out and both boys were to bake, so.....I just doubled up on sugar.  They don't taste different, although it's a little odd to eat a white chocolate chip cookie!

It's hard to pass up milk and cookies!


Child Labor

I may have to check into the child labor laws....Hudson LOVES to clean!  He was Mommy's little helper over the weekend and I couldn't be happier about it.

Taking out the trash
 Then, shake it out
 and put a new one in

Time to vacuum 
 He even does the dirty work....

 Cleaning is definitely more fun with my little man!