Crazy Hair Day!

It was crazy hair day at Mother's Day Out recently and Sterling, of course, asked for a Mohawk.  Wade said it was the one time he could have one and he was sooooooo excited.  Hudson wanted in on the action too!
 I couldn't pass up the opportunity for a photo op
Too cute, crazy hair and all!


The Sam Noble History Museum

Last week we took a trip down to Norman and visited the Sam Noble Museum of Natural History with the Varners.  It's a smaller museum, but perfect for the kids and gives a little look at Oklahoma History.

We hit the Discovery Room first and the kids wanted to dig for dinosaur bones!

Hudson enjoyed lining up all the birds.  Each one "tweeted" their own way, pretty interesting stuff!
I may just have 2 little scientist on my hands.  The microscope and skeleton were another huge hit!

(That's actually Brody and Meg, Hudson is hidden and Sterling had run on to something else, I'm sure)
Apparently the cool thing to do is pretend the mammoth is going to squish you!

Only Sterling was brave enough to lay down and take his chances!
 Checking out some dinos!
I think Sterling could have stayed there all day and checked things out.  While he was busy I got this shot of Hudson, Brody and Meg!  Looks like a ton of fun to me!
I'm sure we'll be back soon!


Crazy...Bang, Bang

If you've been around Hudson for even 5 seconds you know he is all boy!  Complete strangers our in public comment on how crazy he is all the time or I see people starring at him and just laughing.  I suppose some of it's comical, but to be honest he completely wears me out!  How to boys know exactly what guns are and what sounds they make?  Granted, he does have a big brother, but even Sterling knew. 

Besides being completely crazy he's crazy CUTE too!  He's definitely a cheese ball for me, but unlike Sterling, is super shy around other people at first.  Just wait around for a few minutes though and he'll be CRAZY again!

Like I always say..."If he wasn't so cute...."


Welcome, Baby Georgia!

The Cunningham Family welcomed Georgia Abigail on Thursday, June 16th!  She is absolutely precious!

2 weeks before Georgia arrived a few us got together and threw Carolina and Georgia a baby shower at The Mont.  It was a great way to visit without all of our kiddos and make sure Georgia had everything she needed and more before her arrival!
 This was an amazing diaper cake that one of Carolina's friends made, and how cute is that sock monkey?!  We also each brought a book for Georgia in place of a card, so she already has a great book shelf going!
 And, what's a baby shower without sweets!  They were precious and tasty too!
Georgia Abigail Cunningham we are so happy you are finally here!


Big Ol' Bella

This is Hudson's "Big Ol' Bella" - he will stick out his belly and walk around saying "Big Ol' Bella!"  


Sno Cones

After Mother's Day Out and with temperatures in the 100's, the boys and I decided to stop and get a sno cone.  They were so yummy and definitely cooled us off just a tad!
I got my usual, strawberry with gummy bears!
The boys both wanted bubble gum

 Hudson had a little bit of trouble trying to figuring out the spoon straw though
Nothing says summer like a hot, summer day and a sno cone!


Back in the 405

We're BACK!!!  
The Kovash family is back in OKC!  The boys and I officially moved a few days ago and it's finally starting to sink in that we're not just visiting.  Summer has officially started and we're excited to be able to spend time with friends and explore the city while Daddy is working away!  Now that we're getting settled hopefully I'll have some blog posts up soon!  


2 little monkeys

My 2 monkeys (Sterling sporting his new haircut)
Hudson always has to look at Ster in the first one
Sterling did not want Hudson putting his arm around him and then it turned to this
SERIOUSLY?!  So ridiculous that face.  At least Hudson tried to cooperate....


No shirt...NO problem!

How cute is he?!
 I just love those chubby little knees
and from the back!


End of the year program and silent auction

The boys had their end of the year program last week.  It's always a big production and Sterling LOVES to perform.  Hudson, not so much!  Hudson cried the whole time and had to be held by one of his teachers, but Sterling was the STAR of the show! 

He's the 4th one from the right in blue pants.  The quality is not great since it was on my phone, but he has a mad robot!
Here is just the robot once he got home. He is still practicing and has a robot that's even better now!

Before the program a silent auction is held.  This year we raised $1300 to help the boys' school buy some new playground equipment.  I was in charge and it was a lot of work, but turned out to be a success!
All of the auction items
 Each class made a canvas art designed by one of the mom's.  You Are My Sunshine was made by Hudson's class.
And, the straw art by Sterling's
This is a blanket my talented grandmother put together after the Sterling's friends drew self portraits!  It brought in $50!  

It was such a wonderful night and I know I've said this 100 times, but we are going to miss The Growing Stick so much next year!