Playing Hooky

Hudson was very sick this week with a virus.  Luckily, Grandee, Wade's mom came down to watch him on Wednesday, but he still wasn't 100% so I stayed home with him on Thursday.  His fever FINALLY broke and although he was a little fussy it was fun to spend some one on one time with my little guy!
He was being pretty silly at breakfast and didn't want to sit down in his high chair - I'm pretty sure he's just about "over" the whole high chair thing :(
This is how he would "sit"
 Then, he got mad and was telling me, "No, no!"  I'm such a mean Mommy!

After a nap he found Sterling's Elmo's that have been passed down to him.  He even wore them out in public to run a few errands with me.  He loved it!

He's telling me, "shoe, shoe!"

 I'm so glad your feet got bigger Bubba, because I LOVE your Elmo's!


Parade Time

Every Halloween the boys' school has a Halloween parade and then their parties afterwards. So, all the kids go to school in their costumes so they'll be ready for the parade.  I am missing the parade and parties this year since Hudson has been sick and I've already take off 2 days this week.  Plus, I was a little worried about Hudson getting upset when I had to leave, so it's probably best.  Here they are in their costumes, ready for the parade!

Sterling's mask is too scary for the parade and Hudson wanted nothing to do with the Cowboy Hat, but he did leave it on just long enough for me to snap a picture!

I know they are having a blast, with or without Mommy!


Picture Comparison

Here is a comparison of the boys around 18 months

You can see a resemblance...but they also couldn't be more different in appearance and personality!


'O Jack

 Since going to the pumpkin patch Sterling has been begging us to carve his pumpkin!  He's finally old enough to ASK to do the fun things and not just be forced to do them because we'll think they're fun!  This past weekend was the BIG day and Sterling was super excited.
I told you he was excited, he posed like this all by himself!  Hudson just wants the pumpkin!

Look at that determination

Once our pumpkins were all cleaned out, it was time to get carving

Daddy was serious about his pumpkin masterpiece
 Hudson learning what to do
 then, helping out
Sterling and his Jack 'O Lantern

Mommy, Sterling and Daddy's pumpkins
We got them lit just before the big storm blew in, good think we moved them to the porch!


Fright Night

One of Sterling's best friends, Dezi, wanted to have a Halloween party and her parents went all out!  There were a few friends from his class there and they all got to dress up!  Every day when I pick the boys up Sterling's friends will say, "Sterling's mom, can Sterling come to my house?" or "Sterling's mom, Sterling said I can come to his house!"  I think it's so cute that all of our names are _________'s mommy or ___________'s daddy!  Sterling has been asking to go to Dezi's house since September, so he finally got his wish!

Sterling taking a shot at the pinata
 Hudson's turn
 This was the strongest pinata ever so Dezi's Daddy had to help break it open!
When they were finished filling their buckets it was time for the graveyard hunt in the backyard, so everyone grabbed their flashlights and buckets

 Hudson even got in on the action and found him some candy! and then got sidetracked by the 4 wheeler
 Halloween cupcakes for everyone!
Including Gabby and Hudson - Gabby is Dezi's little sister and she is in Hudson's class at school
 Face painting
 Sterling decided he could paint his own face and let me tell you, green paint and blonde eye browns are not a good combination, he looked like the Incredible Hulk all weekend.
 trying out his skills
 The Final products!

Needless to say we were all exhausted when we got home and the boys slept in the next morning.  It was a Frightful night of FUN!