Happy Easter!


HAIRS cut!

The boys were in desperate need of haircuts, on St. Patty's Day we went on over to Sport Clips and got them all cut!  Of course, I needed some photos and this is what I got....

I think they were a little hyped up after their suckers for being so good while getting their hair cut!  


SBK 2012

The boys and I ventured to Houston (by myself) and it was a wonderful Spring Break!  Visiting with family is always fun and it had been WAY too long since I'd seen my aunts and uncles!  

The first night we headed to Kemah for some pizza, it was a little chilly and windy, but that didn't slow down our fun!

Terry is my dad's younger brother, he's always treated all of his nieces like his own kiddos and it's no different with my children now.  He's definitely taken on the role of a grandpa and the boys loved their "Unky Terry" - Hudson carried on a conversation with him throughout dinner.

 Surfing with the shark
 We checked out all the fish in the Aquarium
and rode the carousel

 waiting in line for the train
 The train ended up breaking down towards the end of the ride, so we had a dance party in the Caboose before hopping off and walking back to the car!

The next day ended up rainy so we had a lazy/relaxing day and then headed to my cousin, Misty's house, for dinner with the rest of the family.  Misty and Ken have 4 kids, so there were lots of toys and cousins to play with!

The last day it was cloudy, but we decided to head out to the beach anyways.  Beth had bought kites for the boys, and go figure, there was hardly any wind on the beach?!  We tried out best still though and Sterling didn't care because he went for a dip, clothes and all!

The next morning we headed back to OKC and drove the whole way, with only 1 stop!  The boys were wonderful and made me one happy Momma.  We're already looking forward to SBK 2013!