The Comedian 4.13.2008

These days Sterling is definitely keeping us on our toes.  He has become a climber, a swimmer, loves all electronics, and is talking up a storm.  He is now answering “yes” and “no” questions, which I must say makes communicating so much easier.  He also very polite saying “excuse me” after burping.  I must say the sweetest thing though is hearing him say “I love you” after giving kisses.  It will just melt your heart. 

The Easter Bunny brought Sterling some golf clubs and his buddy Easton gave us his old basketball goal.  Our days are filled with golf and basketball or soccer when we’re outside.

We are constantly laughing at the funny things Sterling does and says (or repeats).  Wade has to teach me how to get the videos on here, so hopefully you all will be able to see the comedian soon too.

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