Circus What?!

 Terry and Beth also brought a cool new waffle maker to Sterling for his birthday...AND, it makes waffles in the shape of circus animals.  Sunday morning he had fun making circus waffles for everyone.
Don't those look yummy?!  It's an elephant, clown and tiger every time!
Our waffle maker

 My camera strap got in the way, so ignore the black spot in the corner!
 Uncle Terry and Hudson playing after a yummy waffle breakfast!

It was such a great visit, we hope Terry and Beth come back to visit again soon!


"I see"

Every time I take a picture or Sterling shows me something Hudson wants to see too.  We hear "I see" all the time, and he will keep yelling it until he has his turn "seeing!"  Every one of these pictures I took I had to show Hudson after I took them. 
 Here he's telling me he wants to see before I even finish taking it.


Chef School

I am so lucky that Wade loves to cook AND he's great at it.  He mostly cooks on the weekends and the other night he cooked blackened trout with alfredo!  YUMMY!  The boys wanted to help too!
Sterling was the parsley shaker

 They watched and listened closely to learn all Daddy's secrets!

I hope they cook this again soon!


Table Time

We were so excited to have my aunt and uncle come to Tyler to visit from Houston a few weekends ago.  We hadn't seen them in awhile and they wanted to deliver Sterling and Hudson's Christmas presents themselves. 

 Hudson is yelling for some help!
How cute are these little tables?!  The boys absolutely LOVE them and they use them all the time for everything!  They even fold up compact and the chair snaps onto the back of the table as a handle.  GENIUS!  (You can see the covers for them on the floor in the background)

 We're LOVIN' it!


iPhone Photos

Many pictures I take, I take with my iPhone.  My camera is not always convenient and by the time I go get it out, the cute moment has already passed!  If you're friends with me on Facebook many of these you have probably already seen, but they were just too cute to not share again!


He was seriously acting like a little bird while Daddy fed him some chocolate shake on New Year's Eve!  He would hold his mouth open and just grunt!

 Sterling enjoyed his big boy day!  After his 4 year check-up (and 5 shots) we took him to a Hibachi restaurant and then to see Yogi Bear.  I think it wore him out!

This picture is old, but I LOVE it!  It was date night with Mommy at Wendy's while Daddy was at the Big XII Championship!

While the quality is not great, I love being able to snap pictures whenever I want!


8 years ago...

This picture was one of the last pictures taken of me, my dad and my sister before he died (and before the time of digital cameras).  8 years ago today my dad passed away unexpectedly after having a heart attack and then routine open heart surgery.  I miss his smile, his goofiness (which I took for granted), holiday candy he would bring home and having the opportunity to watch him with Sterling and Hudson , because I know he would have been a great grandpa!

Ironcially, his death came on the opening weekend of the Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo and many of his life long friends were able to attend his funeral because they were in town.  You've never seen so many cowboys in one room, but it helped to make that sad day an amazing one to look around at everyone who was there.  This weekend the Rodeo is beginning again.  I like to think of it as a little hello to my dad!

We miss you so much, but know you have your own rodeo going on in heaven!


Snow day!

We started out with sleet for about 4 hours and then big, huge snowflakes came falling down.  While it wasn't as much snow as 2010, the snow of 2011 still provided lots of fun for us all.
 The back of our house
 Through the woods
 Hudson wasn't sure what to think at first, but warmed up once he saw all of us playing in it.  Sterling was so excited because he remembered how much fun it was last year!
 It was pretty muddy because of all the rain and sleet under the snow, but that didn't stop Sterling from making a giant snowball!

Since we live at the top of  a hill we decided to try sledding.  Wade found a garbage can lid and it worked perfectly!

The next day we were out checking the snowball and Hudson disappeared into the garage.  A few seconds later he came out holding the lid saying, "Weeeee!"  I guess he liked sledding too!

While the snow was fun, I could never live up North.  I'm definitely ready for some spring weather!


Sledding fun

Here are the boys "sledding" after the snow of 2011!!!

Living at the top of a hill is great for snowy days!