Where Did These Go?!

Have these disappeared off of your store's shelves too?  None of our grocery stores in Tyler are selling them anymore!!!  They were Hudson's favorite and he'd ear the whole thing!!!!


End of the year picnic at The Growing Stick

Every year the boys' school has an end of the year picnic.  Everyone brings lunches and blankets and enjoys lunch out at the top of the hill. They also give each family a book that chronicles each month of school with a picture of the student.  It's always so fun to see how much they change from the beginning of the year until the end.
I could have done without the red juice mustache from their Lunchables, but it's rare these days to get Hudson to stop long enough to take a picture!
 Sterling read his memory page, as he calls it, over and over and even fell asleep looking at it.  We have his from the previous 2 years too that I need to pull out and compare to this year. 

I am so lucky to have stumbled upon The Growing Stick when we moved to Tyler.  It was late June and I was frantically looking for some where to send Sterling in August.  I didn't know anything about Tyler and didn't even have an official job yet.  The Growing Stick had one spot open in their toddler class.  I debated on what to do because Sterling was going to be the oldest one in a young class, but after 5 minutes in this school I knew this is where I wanted Sterling to go to school (I had been all over Tyler looking at pre-schools)!  I have never regretted my decision and am having lots of anxiety about finding another school as wonderful as the GS in Oklahoma.  I could go on and on, but I won't.  You will be missed GS family and thank you for our memory books to always look back on and remember you all!


Muscle Man

These shirts were on sale at Academy the other day for $4.88 and I can't pass up a deal!  So, Sterling got 2 of them and he hasn't wanted to take them off.  It could be because Wade and I have told him how fast he is now or how athletic he looks, but whatever the reason I think I''m going to have to find some more of these deals so I don't have to wash them every other day!

Then, he wanted me to take pictures of him running fast


No Paparazzi

Unlike Sterling, Hudson does not always enjoy having his picture taken.  I was trying to get a picture of him in his shorts and boots the other day and this is what I got....the cold shoulder, he wasn't having it!

Pretty cute outfit, huh?
and then he ran from me and went and hid under the pillows on the couch! 


Chicka Chicka

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom was one of Sterling's favorite books and now it's one of Hudson's too.  He always has to read it to me first and then he lets me read to him.  The way his little voice says, "Cheeka Cheeka Boom Boom" always makes me smile!

Those piggies make me smile too!


On the Move

If you haven't heard, we're moving back to OKC!  We are all very excited, minus the packing part.  The boys thought the trailer was a lot of fun though!  I think they could have played in here for hours!
 Hudson especially liked to "jump, jump"
Watch out OKC, The Kovash Family is back....


Rise Together

This is a video I stole from my friend Nicole at Sizzlin' Savages!  It was on Outside the Lines on ESPN about The Oklahoma City Thunder and how OKC rebuilt after the Murrah building bombing in 1995.

We were living in Oklahoma during Katrina when the Hornets were temporarily housed in OKC until they could back to New Orleans, and were there for the 1st NBA basketball game in OKC ever!  Needless to say, the support was amazing and now the Thunder have found a home in OKC!  Wade has already been to 2 playoff games since he's been in Oklahoma and will be there for game 4 on Monday night.  I always like a good "underdog" story and nobody expected the Thunder to do so well in just a few short years.  Wade's already given me a hard time about being a "super fan" but no matter what team this story was about it, it would still give me chills to watch it!  Enjoy!


Whatever Floats Your Boat!

He's bent down in this picture because I was bent down taking a picture of him.  I couldn't get him to stand up and let me take the picture
Hudson insisted on wearing these boots to school this morning!  I put up a minimal fight until I thought, "What's the big deal?"  (This is how half of my students come to school everyday anyways by choice!)  Every time I put on his socks, by the time I'd grab a shoe he'd have his socks off and say, "No sock, shoes!"  Needless to say, he got his way with getting to wear his "Boot on," and we all left the house happy and pretty darn cute!


Lady Gaga?!

Lady Gaga is the newest addition to our family.  Gigi gave Hudson this green bird for Christmas and he was scared to death of it until about a month ago and now it doesn't leave his side...EVER!
He carries it around by it's neck.  Gaga has lost all stuffing it had in it's neck.

How did Lady Gaga get her name you ask?!  Hudson did call her "quack, quack" but it sounded more like "gaga" so.... his teachers at school started calling it Lady Gaga and the name has stuck.  It sounds more like, "Yadee Gaga" when Hudson says it and makes people look at me a little confused.  But, he LOVES his Gaga.  
While his "B" was totally my fault (Sterling has one too, just like I did when I was a kid), Gaga was not.  It's something he get himself attached to!

"B" and "Lady Gaga"


Dinner Time

This is how I feel every night at dinner because Sterling takes FOREVER to eat.  No matter what it is, whether he likes it or not, he takes forever.  He talks, he daydreams, he drinks his milk, he plays, he all of a sudden has to go potty. ANYTHING!!!
We've tried not talking to him, not giving him dessert, not giving him milk...maybe he's just not hungry, but he'll ALWAYS eat dessert if he can have it!  So, what works at your house?