To say that Hudson is obsessed with riding his bicycle it would be an understatement.  The kid eats, sleeps and breathes bicycles!  He touches his bike every morning when we leave, he rides bikes every time they go outside at school, tries to ride as soon as we get home from school and would never stop riding after dinner.  I am so thankful for the cooler weather or riding bikes might be unbareable!

After many fights over our 1 bicycle we decided to buy Sterling's EARLY birthday present and go ahead and get him a new bike so the boys could ride together.  Both boys tried out every bicycle at 3 different store before we found one we all agreed on and there's been LOTS of bike riding since then. 

Helping Daddy put it all together

Safety First

 Off they go


Labor Day 2011

Labor Day weekend we headed to Gainsville to Jenny's parents lakehouse.  The Daddies went to the OU game and the boys and I headed down Saturday morning.  Will, Sterling and Hudson had tons of fun swimming and playing all day long!  Infact, we were so busy I didn't get any pictures!  On Sunday morning it was so nice outside we headed to the park!  Best of all, we were celebrating Jenny's birthday and Justin made an extra special cake for use to celebrate!

Hudson and Will had the best time together!  They're only 3 months apart so they enjoyed playing!

Monday morning when woke up it was COLD!!!!  We weren't complaining, but we definitely weren't prepared.  The boys got creative and enjoyed the morning on the porch.

Will and Hudson thought they looked pretty cute in their matching PJ's!  Their Momma's did too!

I always feel like Labor Day is the official end to summer!  The cooler temperatures made it a little bit easier to accept this time around! 



We enjoyed some cupcakes the day before school started with Audrey and Blake at Gigi's Cupcakes!  They were AMAZING!  We all got a different flavor.  Sterling enjoyed Orange Dreamsicle

Hudson had a The Lone Star Chocolate with a special candy star on top!
I devoured a Strawberry cupcake that melted in your mouth!  Next time your on N. May in OKC check out Gigi's Cupcakes, you won't be disappointed!


Whole lot of HULA fun!

We went to The Brighams to hang out one day and Sterling got some Hula Hoop lessons.  He's gotten amazingly good at it!  It was funny watching everyone take a turn with the Hula Hoop!

 Audrey is really good and her brother, Blake, not as good, so they were having a competition to see who could Hula the longest.  Blake tried to cheat, but it didn't work, Audrey was too good!

 Ster uses his whole body and head

Hudson tried it out too!

The boys always love going to hang out at The Brighams!


Wordless Wednesday


Back to School!

Well....we're back to school and back in the swing of things around The Kovash house....I THINK! 

Before school started Sterling had his first homework to complete.

He was so excited about starting Pre-K.

Besides having to get up early he LOVES being at school with me every day and his teachers are absolutely fabulous!  He has already learned so much in 3 weeks and I can't wait to see him at the end of everyday so he can tell me everything he learned!

Back to School, Back to School, my favorite time of year!