A few weeks ago we headed to Norman for the OU vs. Missouri game and some tailgating!  The TGS kiddos are growing up and and growing larger in number!  They played and played until the couldn't play any more and the Sooner victory was just the cherry on top to a fabulous day!

The bad thing about there being so many is it's hard to have everyone together, we're missing a few of our broad and there are 2 more BOYS on the way in 2012!

 Meg and Hudson are only 6 weeks apart and are both non-stop, they have lots of fun together!  
Their brothers, Brody and Sterling, are the 2 oldest TGS kids and lead the pack!

We definitely have a kid friendly tailgate!

 bounce house and all!


Monkeying Around

Sterling has gotten incredibly good at the monkey bars.  In August he couldn't do even 1 monkey bar and now he can do all of them anywhere we go!  A few weeks ago we went to the "lake park" which is my absolute favorite here in OKC.  Not only is the view of Lake Hefner peaceful, it's huge and you can see you kids any where they are!  FABULOUS!

Hudson likes to hang, swing and climb!

Love these fall days and fun times at the park!


"You'll Never Make a Companion Equal to a Brother!" - Hesiod

I snapped these pictures the other night.  I got a few that were too cute not to share!  While they have their moments, they really do get along well and LOVE each other!



Soccer season is under way and Sterling LOVES it!  He is getting to play with his school friends, which has been fun for him and us to see our school friends on the weekends.  They recently won their first game!  We're playing "up" into the kindergarten division and some of those kindergarteners are BIG!!!!

 Stretch it out
Prayers for a safe and friendly game
 For the first game he mainly wanted to protect the goal, but now he's started going after the ball!
Best Buddies
Hudson wanted to get in on the action, even though it was someone else's soccer ball

More soccer pictures to come....