Crazy Fun

Grandee and Papa found this fun...toy? 
 The boys had a blast and I'm pretty sure the grown-ups ended up more tired than they were from rolling them around in it!
 and Hudson pushed around his Bubba!
Look at that hair....both kids had lots of static electricity going on

SOOOOOOOOO much fun!  Thanks Grandee and Papa!


Breakfast time

We have a definite routine down in the mornings in our house.  Both boys eat their breakfast on the couch, on a TV tray while watching cartoons. 
 I snapped this with my phone this morning

I remember when I was a kid I would sit in my dad's chair, watch Dumbo the Flying Elephant on the Disney Channel and eat oatmeal with my fuzzy, brown blanket!  I hope they have memories about eating breakfast together when they grow up too!


Learning is FUN!

Sterling and Hudson received their report cards, and I'm one proud Momma!  The comments on Hudson did make me laugh a little and we will definitely be working on the class clown part....

Sterling's report card
 Hudson's report card

Sterling has always "showed off" everything he learns, but Hudson will not!!  His teacher, Mrs. Mary, says he'll only participate at circle time and won't show anyone else what he knows later on.  He has slipped a couple of times and if I make a big deal about it he immediately shuts down and won't do it again.  I am so thankful for the boys' school and all that they learn! 


My Little Picture Taker

I think I've taken way too many pictures in Sterling's short 4 years, but with digital cameras these days it's just too easy!!!  Sterling found my small camera in my purse at dinner the other night and this is what he captured!
This is one of my favorites!
Thank goodness this guy didn't know Ster was snapping his picture!

I LOVE that he enjoys pictures as much as I do.


Turning 30!

Wade surprised me with a trip to Maui for my 30th birthday (my actual birthday is in April, but spring break was the only time I could go)!  We celebrated with the Cunningham's and Pollock's (Ashley Pollock also turns 30 this year)!  The weather was absolutely perfect (besides a tsunami warning) and none of us wanted to leave, besides wanting to get home to our babies.  We're already made a promise to go back again....hopefully sooner rather than later!
The Luau
 The Ola Lahaina Luau - the background doesn't even look real, but I promise it is!
Our group and the girls
The sunsets were absolutely stunning.  This was the sunset at the Luau

The Road to Hana - Wade and I had done the Road to Hana on our honeymoon to Maui, but this time we actually knew where to stop!
These lava flows were really cool and had pools of all different sea life in them.  Wouldn't you love to live in that house?!
This was a fresh water cave made of lava.  The boys got in for a bit, but it was super cold!
We were happy observing from above!
From the cave we walked to the black sand beach which was my favorite.
It definitely wasn't the silky sand you're used to on a beach, but it was gorgeous!
After lunch we made the last stop at the Haleakala Park to hike up the largest waterfall in Maui and the 7 sacred pools.
Wade and Rob peered over a few cliffs for these shots!
The boys in front of a HUGE tree on our hike!
Hiking through the bamboo forest was amazing! 
Carolina is 6 months pregnant with baby Georgia and was such a trooper! & yes that's a bamboo stick that Rob is holding!
We made it to the top!
Wade laid down to try to get the top of the waterfall, it was HUGE and worth the hike!
 Wade and Rob on top of one of the waterfalls at the 7 sacred pools, they're crazy guys!

Hale Kamaole Beach III
Another sunset on the grassy knoll across from our condo.  There are tons of people that just hang out here every night and watch the sunsets.  They're that amazing!
Wade and Rob were headed to the store, so Matt carried all of our things for us down to the beach!  

Happy 30th birthday to Ashley and I at Mama's Fish House in Paia!  They're crab cakes melted in your mouth and the view was fabulous!
The last day :(
Before we left we decided to stop at one of the many taco trucks along the road.  These were some of the BEST fish tacos we had the entire time!
Drinking out of the coconuts were not as tasty, but made for a cute photo op!

Everyone should have a trip to Maui on their bucket list, I'm already saving up to go back again!!!
So...thank you for the best 30th birthday present ever!!! 


Huddy's 2nd birthday!

We celebrated Hudson's 2nd birthday with family at Wade's parents' house.
He had a super cute Elmo cake!
He loved the whistles
  So proud of himself after blowing out his candles!
 Sharing his cake
Bubba liked it too!
He's getting the hang of this opening present stuff!
His very own baseball glove and had to show it off to Sterling!

Happy 2nd Birthday, Hudson!!!