Silly faces

I took a picture of Sterling and he started making silly faces, so I kept snapping!  He makes me laugh!



Lucky for Sterling, Grandee, Wade's mom kept ALL of his Legos from when he was a kid!  Sterling is in HEAVEN and hasn't stopped building since he got them.  He brought half of them home and left half of them at Grandee's so he'll have some to play with when he goes to visit.  It would have cost us a fortune to buy all of these and I am so very thankful that she kept them all!!!  Sterling is already asking to go to the Lego store, so I'm sure he'll be asking for many more for his birthday and Christmas this year!
Jena was nice enough to build with Sterling for awhile!


4th of July weekend at the Lake

We headed to Granbury for 4th of July weekend.  Some of Wade's family was in town from Ohio.  It was a relaxing weekend with A LOT of fishing! 

 Helping drive the boat!

 Papa's brother and Sterling hit it off! 

 Having a fishing lesson from Daddy
Of course, Sterling had to get in some games while waiting on the fish to bite!

Monday morning we went to the 4th of July parade....it was HOT!!!  Sterling was a trooper, I could only get him out of the sun 1 time for a drink, other than that he was sitting on the curb catching candy!
 Everyone waiting on the parade to start

There is a new HEB (grocery store) opening in Granbury and they were passing out oranges.  Hudson thought it was a great flag holder!
If you look closely you can see the beads of sweat on Sterling's nose!  I told you it was HOT!!!

Unfortunately, the fireworks show was on Monday night so we had to head back to OK before the BIG bang, but we did enjoy other people's fireworks on the lake over the weekend and some sunsets!
It's kind of hard to see, but there are 2 cranes in the nest.  They were fun to watch for sure!

4th of July is like the halfway point of summer and means back to school very soon!!!!  I can't believe summer is almost over!


Happy Birthday, America!

We hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday weekend!


Baby Maylee

We braved the heat and headed to the OKC zoo first thing in the morning because we just had to see the new baby elephant, Maylee!!!!  Isn't she the cutest thing?!
 She hid between her mom and aunt most of the time, but they walked all around and the new elephant exhibit is awesome! 

Audrey, who I used to babysit, joined us for the day!  I can't believe I started babysitting her 10 years ago and now she's almost old enough to babysit my kids.  Sterling and Hudson LOVE her and she's going to be a fabulous babysitter!
Hudson was scared of the gorilla and would not take a picture here!
It was a hot day and the grizzlies were playing.  They even took a dive in the water!

There's no better way to end a hot day at the zoo then at the splash pad in the Children's Zoo

While it was a fun day, I think we'll definitely wait until the weather cools off, just a bit to go back!


Big Boy Bed for Hudson!

Hudson has moved to a toddler bed, thanks to the help of his big brother!!!  Sterling taught him how to climb out of his crib and he was on the run!!!! 
He was so proud of himself for helping Hudson, while I was not thrilled, it was pretty cute their excitement in working together!  They also share a room now that we're living in an apartment until our house sells, so I figured Sterling could help keep Hudson in his bed and it's worked.  Both boys have been sleeping well.  In fact, Sterling even said the other day, "It's fun sharing a room!"