M & M Olympics

For the last 9 weeks Sterling and Hudson have been attending Oklahoma Gold Gymnastics.  Sterling goes to Kick and Gym while Hudson takes gymnastics.  The last night of class in the spring they perform for their families and show off what they've been learning and receive a trophy and M & M's!  I was impressed with everything Hudson accomplished this year and at how strong he was.  He was the only boy in his class, but enjoyed every minute of gymnastics!

 Hudson wasn't sure at first and wanted to watch Bubba do karate, but once he got started he was on a roll!  That's his hiney sticking up in the air on the parallel bars!


 Wade and I were back and forth between rooms trying to watch everything.  Here Sterling broke the board with his hand!
 If you've been around Hudson for longer than 5 minutes, you know he can be fearless.  Here he is getting ready to do a cartwheel off the trampoline into the foam pit!

 "Help, me!"
 and jumping off into the foam pit!
 This is by far my most favorite thing they do.  He swings on the trapeeze and kicks the ball with his feet.  They do it 3 times before the fall into the pit.  Talk about some crazy stomach muscles!
 After karate Sterling's class headed back to the big gym for some zipline action and it goes FAST!

 After everyone showed off it was time to get their trophies.  The owner of the gym called out each child's name and they walked up to the podium to receive their trophy.  I couldn't believe Hudson did it without me there.  Remember that fearless kid?!  He can be a little shy at times too...but he's been looking forward to that trophy for weeks!

We are taking the summer off, but can't wait to go back next winter!


Field Day

I'm pretty sure we could not have crammed one more thing into May if we had tried!  Moving and the end of the school year are enough, but add being out of town 3 times in there and we were SUPER BUSY!

This was Sterling's first year to participate in field day at school and he loved it.  He told me he was going to spend all of his time at Legoland, but quickly changed his mind when he saw all the other fun things there were to do!
 Who doesn't love some good bubble fun!

 Showing off his missing tooth!
 Musical Chairs

and jumprope

Soon after this I put down my camera and just enjoyed the day, but trust me when I say, there were endless activities for the kids to choose from and it turned out to be a beautiful day!  He had a blast and is already talking about next year!