Rodeo Cowboy

For Christmas, "Santa" left Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo Tickets in our stockings.  So, we headed to FW for the rodeo on February 4th!  My sister even rode the train into town from Austin to join us.  The boys had been to a small rodeo before and Hudson is OBSESSED with watching bull riding, so everyone was excited.

First, we headed into the petting zoo!
 Of course, Hudson wasn't a big fan!

 Then, off to the Midway!
 Sterling and I rode the ferris wheel and it was pretty high up! 
 Our boots
 Hudson REALLY wanted to ride the BIG slide with Auntie Tay Tay
 But, he got to the top and Tayler had to drag him onto the carpet because there was no getting down any other way
 And, of course, he LOVED it and wanted to ride again!
 The slide made him brave and jumped on the dragon roller coaster with Bubba
 Does he love it? or hate it?
The verdict is still out, we're not sure how Hudson felt about it, but Sterling rode it again

 After so much fun it was time for the rodeo

 Can you tell they're excited?!
 and then it was pretty much downhilll from there.  Hudson fell asleep in my lap soon after.  Although, he did wake up in time to see bull riding!  I am so thankful, because I think he'd have been heartbroken if he'd missed it.

We hope Santa makes this a family tradition because it was tons of fun! 


Catholic Schools Week

Catholic Schools Week is always the last week in January.  It celebrates the students and their education while also showing the community and church what great things we're doing!!! 

The week always kicks off with Mass recognizing the students and faculty
 Posing for pics with our friends outside church
 I don't think Annabelle is feeling the silly faces
 Best friends

 Monday - Hats off to education! 
 Tuesday - Thunder Up!  Rumble came to visit and it was AMAZING!  The kids loved it and Rumble even performed some of his tricks for us.

 Sterling's class!

 Wednesday - Literature Day.  Each grade chose a book and dressed up as characters from the book.  Sterling's class chose Clifford and Sterling wanted to be Tbone!

Thursday was Mass and Friday students got free dress (which is a BIG deal when you wear a uniform every day) if they donated $1 to the new school at Mercy, Good Shepherd, for Autistic Students.  Catholic Schools Week was a huge success and enjoyed by teachers, students and parents!


Partyin' it Up

We've had a few birthday parties lately!  David's 5th birthday was at the Sam Noble Natural History Museum in Norman!  What boy doesn't LOVE dinosaurs and hats?!

A few weeks later we were off to Meg's 3rd birthday!  A Princess Cowgirl party!!!  We all threw on our boots and jeans, and Sterling could not have possibly spent 1 second longer with the ponies!

 Hudson wasn't as sure as Sterling

Happy Birthday, Meg!



I love the school I teach at because it's so diverse!  Every year we celebrate Tet, to celebrate the Vietnamese New Year!  It was such a fun day celebrating Mass, a dragon dance on the plaza, games, lucky money, a fashion show and a traditional Vietnamese lunch! 
The whole church looked like this!  The fresh flowers every where were gorgeous and they definitely didn't forget any details!

 Failed attempt at a picture of Sterling with is friends!  Some of the students dressed in traditional Vietnamese outfits.  Yes, Sterling has already asked to have one he can wear next year!
Each set of silverware was wrapped and tied with a flower!

What a fun way to kick off the new year, we already can't wait for next year!