No Peanuts, PLEASE!

It was confirmed this week that Hudson is also allergic to peanuts!  We are not sure about the severity until he is actually exposed to peanut products, but his skin test came back positive. 

I had always heard about the dreaded skin test and while I'm sure it's itchy (and looks terrible) it really isn't that bad (they pricked me to show me what it felt like).  Hudson was tested for 36 allergens - 6 of them foods and peanut was the only one he had a positive reading for.

After 15 minutes they come in and measure the size of the welp.  The doctor basically told me he thought I was crazy (schocking, I know!) and that he didn't think we'd get a positive reading on peanut, but Hudson had to go prove him wrong with a VERY positive reading.  

So, what does this mean?  Nothing, really at this point.  Since Sterling is already allergic we don't really have to change anything we're doing and we were already avoiding peanuts with Hudson for that reason.  We have an epi pen and know the symptoms, so if Hudson does have a reaction we know what to do.  In a few years if he's not exposed we will do a food challenge with peanut products in the doctor's office under a controlled environment (sounds fun, huh?)

I will say that a peanut allergy is one of the easier things to avoid.  Besides not being able to enjoy some of Mommy's favorite treats or a good ole PBJ, it's pretty simple to avoid.

A few things I've learned about all things peanut/anaphylaxis over the last year and half!
  • Peanuts are not a true nut.  They are part of the legume family.  H & S are not allergic to tree nuts (pecans, cashews, almonds), however we're avoiding all nuts at this age because it's too confusing.
  • There are a few theories on the cause of allergies.  1) a new study is out showing the peanut protein crosses the placenta during the 1st trimester of pregnancy.  I ate 2 Reese's Peanut Butter Cups every night when I was pregnant with both boys. So, it could be completely my fault.  2) another theory is that we are TOO clean, which has caused a rise in all allergies.  Our allergist really seems to like this theory :)
  • The peanut protein can stay on your hands for up to 8 hours even after washing them.
  • The anaphylaxis "label" is given after 2 or more systems are targeted.  When Sterling had a reaction it caused him to throw up almost immediately and he complained of his mouth being tingly.  
  • Parents with kids with NO allergy are really great about making sure there are no peanut products at birthday parties.  Sterling remembers his last reaction and is scared to death of anything that even looks like a peanut.  
  • Due to the sensitivity of Sterling's reaction he will probably never grow out of it.  Children with skin reactions are more likely to be exposed later in life.  
So, there you go.  Everything and more you ever wanted to know about peanut allergies!  It's just another day in the Kovash house!


Christmas Fun!

I can't believe Christmas is over!  It was such whirlwind and December snuck up on me and then flew right by!

 Hudson is fascinated with fire this year.  He insisted on sitting here to take a picture!
 Look at those beautiful blue eyes!

We headed to Grandee and Papa's for Christmas Eve.  The boys got a few fun toys that day and these super cute PJ's from Wade's aunt and uncle!
 Aunt Kara LOVES Toy Story and went to McDonald's during Toy Story 2 and got all the toys in happy meals and has been saving them!  Since Toy Story 3 came out this year so passed them on to Sterling and Hudson.  I think the 3 of them had a blast! (I wonder where Sterling got those blue eyes?!)

  Cute matching PJ's with their names!  And look at Hudson's little scrunch nose!  This was about 5 minutes before he had to go to the naughty spot!
I think he was worried Santa wouldn't bring him any toys, but luckily he had been pretty good all year and Sterling had been very good!
 Santa left a new jeep and ate a bite of all 3 cookies Sterling and Hudson made for him!
 Checking it out indoors!  Since it was so cold outside they didn't get to drive it for a few days!

We had to quickly load up Christmas morning and head to Gigi's house
 Ready to do it again
 Hudson liked ripping the paper off of  all of the presents
 The only thing Sterling asked for was this How to Train your Dragon toy and let me tell you it was difficult to find!  Thanks to my friend, Ilena in OKC and my cousin, Bailey for helping get it to Fort Worth!

 Sterling loved his new fishing pole and tackle box
 Happy Birthday, Jesus cake with Aunt Stephie

 Hudson liked playing in the trash!

 ...and peek-a-boo from behind the tree

 I think my grandparents liked their new chairs for the back porch

and, of course LOTS of Angry Bird was played.  In fact, I think Sterling had everyone download it on their phones and played LOTS of games!

Merry Christmas to ALL and to ALL a good night!


Merry Christmas!!


Naughty or Nice?

Our trip to see Santa went pretty much as I had planned.  Sterling was excited and Hudson was terrified!  I would highly recommend going at 5:00 in the afternoon on December 21st!!!  There was only 1 person in front us, so we were in and out of the mall in less than 15 minutes.  Everyone was happy, well...except Hudson!
 I had been running around like a crazy person all day getting last minute shopping done, so being in the picture was not part of my plan.  But, it was the only way Hudson was getting in the picture!
Sterling told Santa he wanted a How to Train Your Dragon toy and a video game and that Hudson wanted the same thing!  I hope he's on Santa's nice list!


Marshmallow Snowmen!

On Tuesday, my friend and I, went to help Sterling's class make marshmallow snowmen.  It was so much fun and very easy for the kids to do themselves!  I'll let the pictures do the talking!

 Sterling was a stickler for the rules and his snowman had to look exactly like a real snowman
 Aubrey's snowman
 They made HUGE snowmen out of the new giant campfire marshmallows and then smaller ones to eat

Of course, he named him Frosty!