B-A-N-A-N-A Pudding

With this warm weather over the weekend I was in the mood for some homemade banana pudding.  Hudson is in LOVE!
He had to make sure the bowl was close to his mouth
I guess I'll share
So yummy
How to make the BEST Banana Pudding:
1 large box of vanilla pudding
1 can of sweetened condensed milk
1 block of cream cheese
1/2 tub of whip cream
1tsp of vanilla
1 box of vanilla wafers

Make vanilla pudding according to the back of the box.  Add in the rest of the ingredients and mix well.  Layer a dish with vanilla wafers, bananas, and pudding mix and ENJOY! 


Easter Egg Hunt in Country Place

We went to our neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt today!  Sterling was SO excited and Hudson had fun too.  Lucky for Sterling he has 2 more hunts coming up next week at school and home.  Lucky boy :)
Listening to instructions
...and they're off!
Hudson joined in on the fun!
Now, it's time for egg races!  (the little girl next to Sterling is also named Sterling and she's 3 yrs old too.  Ironically, her little sister, Starr shares a birthdate with Sterling)
Throwing eggs into the buckets of water was by far the most fun!
I'd say he had fun!


We've moved!!!

We are officially moving our blog, HERE to


I'm really excited because I think I'll be able to update more often and also change up the looks of our blog periodically!  We have had kovash.net for 4 years and I did not want to lose anything that we'd previously posted, so I've copy and pasted all posts from our other blog here along with their original post date!  There were 100!!!!  It took awhile, but I think it'll all be worth it.  You'll probably notice some things changing over the next few weeks while I'm "playing" with our blog and figuring everything out.

So.... follow us or bookmark us and keep up with us. 

The Kovash Family - Wade, Whitney, Sterling and Hudson

Big Red Chair

For Hudson's birthday Grandee, Papa and Kara got Hudson a giftcard to Pottery Barn so he could get his very own red chair, just like Sterling.  He absolutely loves it!  Every night when we go to his room for bed, he crawls straight over to it and sits in it like the big boy he is.  I think it makes him feel big too!  

Thanks for my new chair!
I do it, Mommy!
I might be up to something!
I LOVE my big, red chair!

Spring Fun

During spring break we had a beautiful 80 degree day so we headed to the park.
All ready to go with his tennis shoes on!
He LOVED to swing
Just like his bubba!

Rodeo Houston and MORE birthday

My aunt and uncle have season tickets to the Houston Stockshow and Rodeo.  We thought this year would be the perfect year to take Sterling to the rodeo for the first time.  Before the rodeo we went over to the livestock area where they had tons of animals, a petting zoo AND he even got to ride a pony.  This was the highlight of his trip.  That smile says it all....
These baby chicks were so much fun!  These were a few days old and they had another area with some that were hatching out of their eggs.

Wade and Sterling waiting for the pony ride!
This was his face when they put him on the pony, he told me later he loved that man!  He was so excited about getting to ride this pony....excuse me, horse.  If you say it was a pony he will correct you!
We had seats right in front of the bucking chutes so we didn't miss out on any of the action!

On Sunday, before we left, all of my aunts and uncles and cousins came over to celebrate Hudson’s birthday.  My aunt totally outdid herself on the decorations and went with a western theme in honor of the RODEO!
 Sterling greeted everyone with, "Give me all your money!"
There was a stick horse on the back of every chair at the kid's table
Cousin Brody let us borrow his cowboy hat for just a second, Hudson thought it was pretty cool!
and I think he looked pretty cute :)
and MORE cake!
What a great and memorable weekend!



I can't believe it!  Hudson is 1 year old!  The last year has flown by.  He is such a big boy!  WAY bigger than Sterling was, we go to the doctor on Monday so I'm anxious to see how much he's grown.  We celebrated Huddy's birthday a few days early this past weekend in Fort Worth at my grandparent's house.  It was a beautiful day and Hudson had a blast being the center of attention!

Happy Birthday, SWEET BOY!!!!
Hudson trying to walk
Playing with Easton
Daddy and Mommy with the Birthday Boy
He really wanted to eat with a spoon
And, this is our wild man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Abducted by Aliens 3.4.2010

Sterling LOVES school and each week they have a different theme they focus on.  A few weeks ago they were studying space and that’s all Wade and I heard about for an entire week.  The names of the planets, the Milky Way connects (constellations), Pluto is a star, Saturn has rings, etc.... I even checked out some books from my school library so we could read about planets at home.  The best part of the week had to be when one of the mom’s in the class told me how upset her daughter, Dezi, was when she got home from school one day.  The conversation went like this:
Dezi: “I had a sad day, Mommy.”
Mom: “Why?  Did you get in trouble?”
Dezi: “No, Sterling’s not my boyfriend anymore because he says he’s a space alien.”  Proceeded by crying!
Now, I did not think it was funny that Dezi was crying, but the fact that Sterling thought he was a space alien made me laugh.  I even asked him and sure enough the answer was, “Yep!”  My mom asked him again last weekend if he was a space alien and the answer was still, “Yes!’  So, I don’t when the human Sterling will be back, but we’ll let you know!

Valentine's Sundae 2.14.2010

Wade made dinner tonight and got all the "fixins" for ice cream sundaes.  Sterling LOVES ice cream so what more could a 3yr old ask for for Valentine's Day?

First, you get everything ready!
Then, you get some ice cream and LOTS of whip cream!
and chocolate syrup on top!
Last, top with a cherry (or two or three!)

Sterling has become very CHEESY lately and we had to take about 15 pictures to get one normal smile (see above)
and YES!  Hudson LOVED his Valentine's sundae too and kept yelling at me for MORE!

HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY to everyone!!!