Summer iphone dump

This needs no explanation other than, I was super lazy about using my big camera this summer and just downloaded 197 pictures from my iphone since July 29!  REALLY?!  I will spare you the majority and just give you the BEST of our summer!

 I went upstairs one day and found Sterling making his bed!  It may not be perfect, but he did it without asking and was super proud of himself!
 Hudson wanted a picture too!
 Hudson isn't always as excited about pictures as his brother is!  He's telling me, "NOOOOOOOO!"
 Date night at the pool

 Hudson likes a large number of anything, shoes, candy, clothes, toys, and cups?!
 One of Sterling's many Lego creations.  He likes for me to take pictures of each one
 Fried chicken from Eischen's Bar, the oldest bar in Oklahoma!  And, if you're in OKC in the future you should definitely try this out, but make sure you go at an odd time of day, otherwise you'll wait for quite awhile!
 Sterling loved it!  He ate 3 pieces of fried chicken, these aren't little chickens folks!
Of course, Channing had to get a picture with Wade, and Hudson tried to photo bomb!

 It had started cooling off here, so we enjoyed the paper/comics and coffee/hot chocolate one morning
 Cantaloupes from our garden!
 Labor we went to Granbury to visit Grandee and Papa and enjoyed some 'smores

 Sterling chose a drawing book at the library and these are some of his drawings, a haunted house!  I couldn't believe it, he really is talented.  I love the details too of the skeleton tiptoeing and the bat upside down!
 1st OU game

 Sterling singing karaoke with some girls at the neighborhood picnic
 We've had a few soccer games, and Sterling has made numerous goals this season!

 Daddy fixed a good mohawk, before we got a haircut....a little too short, but it will grow back!
 Our ants for the ant farm finally arrived, but only lasted 2 days....I didn't read all the directions and they have to fed, imagine that!!!
 Sterling had a sleepover at a friend's house and Hudson got to go to another OU with is friend, Cooper!  They had a blast and so did I talking about the game with them!

We've been busy and with the holidays around the corner, I know we're about to get even busier!  Thank goodness for iphones!

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